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Thank you for registering your child at Happy Jacks. Before your child begins there are just a few things you will need to know.
Please take time to read this, as your signature is required at the end to confirm that you agree and understand the Terms and Conditions as set out by Happy Jacks.


A completed Childcare Registration Form and registration fee is required to secure your child’s place.

Registration Fee

Once we have confirmed that a place is available a registrations fee of £50 per family will be requested to guarantee a place.


Fees can be paid by standing order, childcare vouchers, cheque or cash. Fees must be paid in advance. If you are paying weekly we request the fee to be paid on the Monday of each week. If you are paying monthly we request one months fees in advance on the 1st of each month.
Late payments will incur an automatic charge of £10.00. Late fees notice will be usually sent out on a Friday via text message or email. Non payment of fees for more than one weeks will result in your child’s place being suspended until all fees are paid up to date. If you are experiencing any financial difficulties, please speak to the Manager.
Fees must still be paid if your child is off sick, sent home from nursery or on holiday. This includes all bank holidays.


A 10% discount is applied to the eldest child’s weekly fee. This discount cannot be applied on funded weeks.


Parents/carers can claim up to 4 times their weekly sessions at half price over 12 months to cover holidays, however this must be paid in advance. Failure to do so will result in paying full fees.
We do ask that holidays are booked 2 weeks in advance to qualify for half fees.
Once your entitlement is used up then full fees are still payable if your child is off.


When your child reaches the age of three they will automatically receive government funding. This is applied for through nursery. The funding pays for 15 hours of nursery each week Funding will be explained in more detail as required. If your child is 2yrs old and is eligible to receive the 2yr old funding you must bring in proof of eligibility. If you are eligible for the 30 hours of government funding you must bring in proof of the application. Please ask Suzanne for more details.

Bank Holidays

Nursery closes on all English Bank Holidays and between Christmas Day and New Years Day inclusive.
Bank holidays are payable.

Opening/Closing Times

Our opening hours are 7.30am-6.00pm. If you require an early start of 7.30am an extra fee of £5.00 will be charged per day. (The charge does not apply to children who attend full time).
You must inform the manager to book at 7.30am start.
The nursery closes at 6.00pm. Late charges apply as follows; Collection from 6pm – 6.15pm will be charged at £5.00. Collection from 6.15pm until 6.30pm onwards will be charged at £10.00 per 15 minutes. If you are going to be late collecting your child you should contact Happy Jacks immediately to ensure we can arrange staffing. (See Parent Failing to Collect a Child Policy for more information)

Dropping Off and Collecting your Child

When dropping off your child/children at the nursery, you must ensure that you allow sufficient time to settle your child/children and hand them over to a member of staff. Please sign your child/children in on the room register.
When collecting your child/children from the nursery, you must allow sufficient time for discussions with staff, prior to the end of your child’s session, whilst ensuring that they leave the nursery by the end of the stated finish time. Please sign your child/children out on the room register.
Please notify a member of staff if someone else will be collecting your child. We will need their name, a description and a password, which they will use when they come to collect your child. Children will only be allowed to be collected by persons other than their parents when the nursery has prior parental consent.
Persons under the age of 16 are not permitted to collect a child.

Termination, Booking Extra Sessions and Change of Sessions

If you wish to terminate your child’s sessions we require 4 weeks written notice either by letter or email. Please write the leaving date and the reason for leaving in the notice.
If you would like to book an extra session in addition to your usual booked sessions, please enquire at the nursery office.
If you wish to permanently change your child’s sessions you must put your request in writing and give it to a member of staff, giving 2 weeks notice. We are unable to accept requests for the ‘one-off’ swapping of days.


We would like parents to be aware that Happy Jacks does not allow staff to baby-sit for parents. It is our experience that such arrangements can cause a professional conflict of interest for the member of staff. Happy Jacks is not liable for staff outside of nursery working hours. We ask that parents do not approach staff for their babysitting needs.

Social Networking

Happy Jacks does not encourage staff, to interact with parents over internet based social networking sites as in some cases this may become a conflict of interest and is deemed unprofessional. Please do not be offended if our staff do not accept your “friend request” or do not reply to any messages parents may send.

Mobile Phones

The use of a mobile phone is strictly prohibited in nursery. If you need to use your mobile phone whilst at nursery please use the reception area or take the call/message outside.

Personal Property and Belongings

Children can bring in personal items such as a favourite teddy, blanket or dummy to help settle them in. Children are not encouraged to bring toys from home in case of accidental damage.
Parents must provide their child with an adequate change of clothing each day, including socks, underwear and outdoor wear. Please ensure your child’s clothing is clearly labelled. Please also provide your child with a water bottle which is clearly labelled to keep at nursery. Happy Jacks does not accept responsibility for the loss of property in the nursery.

Accidents, Injuries and Illness

Children attending nursery with an injury, however small, whether it happened at home or at nursery, must have all details recorded on an accident form. This is a registration requirement from Ofsted. Please see Child Protection Policy. You will be notified by the manager or person in charge if we feel your child’s injury warrants time off nursery to recover to prevent any further injury or infection.
Parents will be informed of all accidents which happen at nursery and will be asked to read and sign an accident form. They will receive a slip stating the injury.
If emergency treatment at hospital is required the nursery will make all reasonable attempts to contact the parents but if this is not possible we will have to act on behalf of the parents and authorise any necessary emergency treatment that the emergency professionals advise, as agreed and signed on the Child Entry Forms. All information will be recorded and reported to RIDDOR, Ofsted and the Local Authority.

A child who, in the opinion of the Nursery Management, is ill when they arrive at nursery will not be accepted in to nursery that day. This includes children who have been given medication (such as paracetamol) that may have masked symptoms.
If your child requires medicine whilst in our care, a Medication Form will need to be filled in and signed. The medication must be prescribed by a doctor. The only non prescribed medication that may be given are teething gels and barrier creams. (Please see exceptions below)

If your child becomes unwell whilst at nursery, we will contact you and ask you to collect your child.
Any child suffering from diarrhoea and/or vomiting is potentially infectious and must not return to Happy Jacks until symptom free for 48 hours. A child who is prescribed antibiotics must not return for 48 hours from the first dosage.
In addition to children who are unwell, children with any ailments considered as infectious or contagious will be excluded from the nursery for the allocated period of time. Please see The Health policy and refer to the Health Protection Agency. We would also like to encourage parents to keep their children at home if their child has severe coughs and/or colds, they are highly contagious and should rest at home until they are better. This will help us stop the spread of infection within the nursery.

Exceptions – Medication

Occasionally, very young children (mostly under 12 months) have difficulty regulating their temperature and this may lead to a convulsion or fit. This situation can escalate rapidly.
However, paracetamol products can be effective in preventing or delaying this situation. In these situations, Happy Jacks staff will give paracetamol if parents are delayed for collection. Emergency services will be called should a child display symptoms of a convulsion.

Details up to Date

Parents are responsible for ensuring all details held by the nursery are kept up to date. It is essential that the staff can contact the parents and emergency contacts at all times during the day. So it is important we have the correct details.


Children must not come to nursery with necklaces, bracelets or earrings. This is to prevent any injuries to your child or other children. If your child has just had their ears pierced we advise that they are covered up whilst your child is at nursery. If you do send your child to nursery wearing jewellery of any kind the staff will take have to store the jewellery away until home time. Parents will be asked to remove ear rings should you child come into nursery wearing them.


Parents are requested to ensure that they park with consideration to others, and abide by speed restrictions and all other road laws. e.g. not using mobile phones whilst driving. You must not park at the side of the nursery as access is required at all times, parents must also not park or the land/driveway next to the pre-school building as this is private land and does not belong to the nursery.

Policies and Procedures

Please familiarise yourself with the Childcare Policies and Procedures, which is located in a red folder in the reception area.


As part of our safeguarding procedures, we have an obligation to telephone parents/carers when children fail to turn up when they are expected.
Therefore, it is essential that you telephone to inform nursery that your child will be absent from a session. Where children do not arrive and parents/carers cannot be contacted, we have a legal obligation set out within our Ofsted Registration to contact Social Services and the Police to report a missing child.

Other Information

Nursery children are not permitted on the premises outside of nursery opening times or, in the case of shorter sessions, before or after their allocated session. A late collection fee will be charged per child per 15 minutes as stated in the opening/closing times section.
We reserve the right to terminate your child’s place at Happy Jacks if the terms and conditions are not adhered to.

All personal data that you provide will be held and processed in accordance with the requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

To follow guidelines as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted requirements, we will share information about your child with other childcare settings/school that they attend.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to amendment; parents/carers will be notified in writing and email of any changes made.


These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement and understanding between parents/carers and the nursery.
By signing these Terms and Conditions you are confirming that you understand and agree to them.
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